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Benefits Overview

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Open Enrollment is November 1-15!

Review the What's Changing Guide and the information on this page before logging into Workday to make your elections.

Enrollment Instructions

Who is Eligible?

In general, you’re eligible for the benefits described in this enrollment guide if you’re a regular US employee who works at least 20 hours per week. You may also elect coverage for your eligible dependents, including:

  • Your legal spouse, or your same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partner;

  • Your children*:

  • Up to their 26th birthday, regardless of student status or marital status; and

  • Unmarried children of any age who are dependent upon you for support when they are incapable of supporting themselves because of a disability or illness.

To learn more about eligibility, please refer to the WSGR Group Welfare Plan Summary Plan Description (SPD) available on the firm’s intranet. Please call the HR Helpline at (650) 858-7062 or email to request a hard copy.

*Includes natural, adopted, stepchild(ren), children of your same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partner, and other children you support financially.

When Things Change

The benefits you choose now will be effective through the end of 2021. You cannot make changes to your coverage during 2021 unless you have a qualifying life event, which includes:

  • Marriage, legal separation, divorce, or termination of a domestic partnership;

  • Birth, legal adoption of a child, or placement of a child with you for legal adoption;

  • Death of your spouse or domestic partner or dependent child;

  • Change in residence (only if your current coverage isn’t available in the new location, or if you have new options that are available in your new location).

After a qualifying life event occurs, you have 30 days to make changes to your benefits in Workday. For more information about making changes to your benefits, please refer to the WSGR Group Welfare Plan SPD.

Be sure to compare the firm’s benefits with any other coverage options you may have — such as through your spouse’s employer. You cannot change your coverage during 2021 unless you have a qualifying life event.




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